Serenity is a large island with 4 factions and populated by 2 million people with over 25% of them being able to use magic. You can decide whether to be in one of the 4 factions, operate solo or even start a small faction of your own. The choice is yours.
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 How skill ranks work

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PostSubject: How skill ranks work   Tue Jul 23, 2013 2:26 am






Leadership: This skill has no Level system. When you are near a leader anyone with their sanity level below C will be brought up to C (Even abnormals) so long as they are near them. They also get a motivational boost to their stamina and durability, the way that this works is that the said leader will say something in bad situation to get everyone riled up, when this happens stamina and durability will be half replenished for anyone above C, anyone below will be raised up by one level. This can work as a double edged sword as whoever is near that person or in the area of them when that person dies will lose one level of sanity.

Teacher: This skill has no level system. A teacher has the ability to aid others that may have a hard time leveling a specific skill and help other excel even faster in their strong point, they can even learn their own skills faster than average but they lack the ability to go further than B.


Sanity: This skill will now be looked at as an emotion, one that can go up and down.


Titan Control: This is the fun part for all you abnormals, you can pick a special ability as long as it's reasonable(NO LASER BEAMS) When you first start off using it you will have trouble with it, but over time you will begin to understand how it works and be able to use it to aid in battle. The skill level for this will be a little different.


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How skill ranks work
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