Serenity is a large island with 4 factions and populated by 2 million people with over 25% of them being able to use magic. You can decide whether to be in one of the 4 factions, operate solo or even start a small faction of your own. The choice is yours.
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 Skills and Talents

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PostSubject: Skills and Talents   Tue Jul 23, 2013 1:02 am

Ok, so this is where you go to when you want to figure out what kind of skills are available, the level system will be ranked from A to G, A being the best and G being the worst. If you are wondering how you will level up your skills, well that's where me or my assisting mods will determine, these skills somewhat take time to bring up as you are playing average every day humans, even a "Naturalist " is limited by this as they are human too, however they do happen to learn quick. The skills are as followed.

Speed It simply means how fast you can run, swing your blade.

Durability: As everyone knows unless you're a god then you can take damage, this will determine how much you can take before you are wiped out.

Stamina: We all know about the #1 rule in survival, this skill determines how long you are able to run, jump, attack, dodge, pretty how long you will last before you get tired.

Power: This is where you figure out how strong you are, pretty much the obvious with this skill.

Agility: This skill will determine how well you are with your 3D model, and how easily you can dodge the Titans that try to grab you.

Reflex: For sudden situations like say, a giant hand breaks through the wall and tries to grab you, are you quick witted enough to dodge, or will you be caught and devoured? Pretty much this shows you how fast you can react to sudden situations

Sanity: I doubt I need to tell you how important it is to keep a level head, especially in a survival situation like this, the faster you break under pressure the easier it is for you to die, but the more disciplined you are the better you can handle yourself whenever ish goes from bad to worse. (Note that this will also decide how level headed you are.)

Adrenaline: As we know, most if not all living things have a fight or flight hormone, this skill will determine how often and how long you can use this skill, if you figure out how to use it.

Leadership: These people are what you would call charismatic as they can pretty much make people follow their lead, they can even be motivational to others, not only that but they have the ability to make tough choices. This skill will be given out randomly, if not then you will have to earn it.
(Note that this skill isn't required to rank up to commander)

Talents- These are simple skills that you can apply for in a randomizer that will determine if you pass or fail, you can only get one so choose wisely.

Starter pack: This is where you choose what you want your person to be good at. You can choose two skills to be C and three skills to be D, all other skills will be F's, and you will level up at an average speed.

Naturalist: These people are naturally good at pretty much everything, with an exception of adrenaline which will start of as D. Outside of that you will get the other skills at C level. The odds of you successfully getting this talent are 1/300 and only three people are allowed to have this at one time, simply because you will get an early start on your kills and level up all skills at 30% faster than average. If you fail the test then you can pick one of those at the bottom. Keep in mind that you can take the test as many times as you want, even while you are in an Rp. But you get one try every three weeks.

Mentalist: These are the people that can learn things fast, and can pick up on new things faster than others. Reflexes, adrenaline and sanity will be at C but all others will start at F, and you will be able to learn all mental skills(Reflex, Sanity, Adrenaline) 30% faster than average.

Mobilist: These are the people that excel in running, dodging and are quick witted, they are also gifted at using their 3D model. There are no applications required for this skill. You are able to start with speed and Agility and stamina at C not only that but you excel in these skill, so you will be 30% faster at leveling this skill up than the more average people, however you start out with strength and durability at G. You will also be 30% slower at leveling these skills up. All other skills begin at F.

Powerhouse: These people are pretty freakin strong, they will match up with anyone and beat the living daylights out of them. People with this ability will start off at power at and durability at C and level up these abilities 30% faster than the average person. They will also however have speed and Agility at G, and they will level up 30% slower than the average person. All other skill begin at F.

Daredevil: These are your adrenaline junkies that will laugh right in the face death while having dinner with it and not even care. Luck for you guys you get to choose. 1 you can have adrenaline, and stamina at C as well as your durability at D.  2 You can have Adrenaline and Durability at C as well as have Stamina at D. 3 You can have Stamina and Durability at C and have adrenaline at D. You will be able to level up these abilities at 25% of average people, however everything else will level up at a normal pace.

Teacher: Able to train new recruits or even those who are far beyond it, you can even negate the skill negative effect of all talents except for the teacher talent, not only that but you can boost the positive effects of talents by 10% extra. This skill will be offered at random, if you accept this skill then you will be able to learn all skills 40% faster than an average persons speed, however you will not be able to go past B level in any skill except Stamina and Durability.

Survivor: These are the people that know what they are going to do in stay alive, it's there only goal in a life or death situation. Survivors will get Sanity and stamina at C while everything else will be at D, they also level up all skills 10% faster than the normal speed. You must take a test for this. 50% chance of success

Abnormal: These people are exactly that, abnormal, if you are lucky enough to get this, you will be able to get one skill at A (except for sanity), sanity at G, and every other skill at B, however your character can't level up any further other than bringing their sanity to E and they will have to be weird and insane in there own way. You must apply for this. Due to them being insane, they will have a 5% chance to succeed. You can take the test one time ever two weeks, even during an RP as people can go nuts over time. Abnormals have the ability to transform into Titans.
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Skills and Talents
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